Catch up. Internet Stalking, Marking or the Aim

Just catching up reading a few more blog posts before I start on my assignment 3 expedition. I like Jay post on What’s Your Weather Like which aims linking student around the world through taking weather conditions pictures and viewing them online from wherever you are situated in the world.

Jumping completely off track here,  well not really its related to safe internet usage. I saw this video on You tube where a teenager named Breck Bednar is stalked in a chat room and eventually killed by his stalker. Be warned I found this quite disturbing , however its worth a watch if you have children at that precarious age and, advising students of safe internet practices.

On a brighter not here is a Ted Video regarding teaching for knowledge rather then tests results. This video helps to keep the real aim in mind.


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CLEM- the acronym stands for  Community, Literature, Examples, and Model.  This acronym is a framework tool that enables one to gather knowledge to amplifying and transforming students future knowledge. In Bec’s blog she gives a great explanation of the CLEM framework. Speaking of frameworks if one get the time they might like to look at this doc. Its from the  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the doc has lots of info and sets out compencency framewords for teachers implementing ICT.


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Ass 3, Norwegian Equivalent to a Bech

Unlike some other edc3100 students have mentioned I need to start on Ass 3 before i commence the PE mid Oct, otherwise I can see myself not managing. I can complete I think  part B where you do a 500-1000 word essay on the institution itself and, then do some research in using a IWB  as that’s all they have their . I just need to get the final approval to start mid Oct but the PE office is having trouble reading the pics I have sent them of site details, Coordinator etc. I have sent it again today in a Pdf format so I hope they can read it.  Also Seen I will be working in Norway long term the equivalent here to the Bech in Aust can be seen at the University of Stavanger . The job title here being known as a first School teacher.  Yes sorry the links doesn’t have a English site ,  it only comes in Norwegian. If you want to translate it you can using  Google Translate.  Its not a perfect translation tool but it pretty good, even helps when you work with ESL students, I used it heaps working at the International School of Bergen.


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Digital Citizen

My knowledge of digital citizenship is ok but not great, like Colin I believe the reason being because the volume and growth of tech advancement is so fast . I also agree with what Colin has wrote on his blog, that we dont need to wrap children in cotton wool with web filters etc. but need to educate children in dealing with inappropriate material sent to their computers. For me the question is at what age do you start teaching children these skills. I am just not sure. As for the quizzes the first one I got 3 out of 4 and the second one I am yet to attempt. As for my own knowledge of digital citizenship increasing I am now going to have a really good look at thIS digital citizenship website , because from what I have read so far it has some great info


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Pro Exp

I see that a lot of people doing edc3100 dont have a pro experience placement to attend yet and are very frustrated with it. I can completely understand this as you just want to know where and when your going to not only arrange your own life priorities but to start to get stuff into the rest of the assignment three task. As for myself I have been accepted by a local kindgarten to do my placement there, which is very close to  where I live, so that’s a bonus.


Assignment Two

Well assignment two is done and dusted and its been sent off for to the doctor for examination. So glad I have submitted it as I can take a few days off before getting stuck into Assignment 3s learning path. One thing I  keep reminding myself of is that I have learnt heaps during this course no matter what mark I get, especially for assignment two seen I dont use the Aust Curriculum over here. Completing the  unit plan I found espesically challenging and now understand the importance of applying  backward design when planning. Sometimes it not until you need to apply a tool, you dont understand how important it is to use.



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New ICT Tool

I really like this ICT program called  Padlet I found through early childhood1000 blog who I believe is also doing their pro experience in an early childhood context. From what I could tell after the short registration process its easy to use and, suitable when introducing young children to under guidance. I wonder if I should go back and include it in one of my lesson plans. Maybe I need to investigate the Padlet program a little more before deciding that.