Technology Integrated Planning Model-tip

I knew I forgot to write up a blog on how was I going to plan for my lesson objectives. So much for a relaxing Sunday night. The ICT lessons will be planned using one of the planning model, in this case the Technology Integrated Planning Model or tip for short.The link provided I believe gives a clear understanding of how the model is used with the step involved, which are listed below. The best way I can describe the TIP model is that it is a tool that enables teachers to plan for effective technology integration in lessons.

Phase 1: What is my technological pedagogical content knowledge?

Phase 2: Why should I use a technology-based method

Phase 3: How will I know students have learned?

Phase 4: What teaching strategies and activities will work best?

Phase 5: Are essential conditions in place to support technology integration?

Phase 6: What worked well? What could be improved?


Technology Integration Planning (TIP) Model as a Framework for TPACK – curriculum-unit. (2016). Retrieved 14th October 2016, from




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