Ass 2 Marks Back and Ass 3

Well the marking for ass 2 came in on Monday and I am quite happy with my result. 28.5 out of 40. I thought that was pretty good as I knew I had some problems with lesson continuity as the marker noted, especially if another teacher was to come in and have to use my plan. However the marker obviously got the gist of what I was trying to achieve in relation to the subject criteria. At least I have learnt from this which will hold me in good sted for my pro exp and the 5  lesson plans I have to submit. Speaking of which as Jay reminds me of I need also to include a Plan B in my lesson plans if thing dont go as planned with using ICT in these lessons. I cant count how many times I have been in a meetings or similar and someone has tried  to play a video or power point presentation and it just hasn’t happened. You just lose the audience, well in this case the class. So Its a good thing to have a plan B as a back up with all lesson plans, which is imperative for ICT lessons.


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