Catch up. Internet Stalking, Marking or the Aim

Just catching up reading a few more blog posts before I start on my assignment 3 expedition. I like Jay post on What’s Your Weather Like which aims linking student around the world through taking weather conditions pictures and viewing them online from wherever you are situated in the world.

Jumping completely off track here,  well not really its related to safe internet usage. I saw this video on You tube where a teenager named Breck Bednar is stalked in a chat room and eventually killed by his stalker. Be warned I found this quite disturbing , however its worth a watch if you have children at that precarious age and, advising students of safe internet practices.

On a brighter not here is a Ted Video regarding teaching for knowledge rather then tests results. This video helps to keep the real aim in mind.


Khan, S. (2016). Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from

The Murder of Breck Bednar. (2016). YouTube. Retrieved 22 September 2016, from


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