Ass 3, Norwegian Equivalent to a Bech

Unlike some other edc3100 students have mentioned I need to start on Ass 3 before i commence the PE mid Oct, otherwise I can see myself not managing. I can complete I think  part B where you do a 500-1000 word essay on the institution itself and, then do some research in using a IWB  as that’s all they have their . I just need to get the final approval to start mid Oct but the PE office is having trouble reading the pics I have sent them of site details, Coordinator etc. I have sent it again today in a Pdf format so I hope they can read it.  Also Seen I will be working in Norway long term the equivalent here to the Bech in Aust can be seen at the University of Stavanger . The job title here being known as a first School teacher.  Yes sorry the links doesn’t have a English site ,  it only comes in Norwegian. If you want to translate it you can using  Google Translate.  Its not a perfect translation tool but it pretty good, even helps when you work with ESL students, I used it heaps working at the International School of Bergen.


Google Oversetter. (2016). Retrieved 15 September 2016, from

Universitetet i Stavanger – Studieplan og emner. (2016). Retrieved 15 September 2016, from


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