After submitting assignment one Monday I thought I would take a few days break to clear my head. Since then I have been wondering a lot about the next part of the course, lesson plans and assessment etc. The last subject I did was EDX 1280 Foundations of Numeracy. Before the exam I was sitting on 38 out of 50 with the exam being worth another 50. I ended up getting 59 out of 100 for my final mark. Its not like I didn’t study, I did, I am just not set up for exams and, simply dont think straight in them. Anyways getting back into it one of the first posts I read, like and agree with was Sarahs on assessment. To answer her question if we really need tests to succeed in life I believe we do, the reason being its the only true way to rate the majority of society, like it or not. However I strongly believe that there needs to be more focus of assessment if the subject/lesson plan are made enjoyable, not simply an ends to a means that the criteria has been cover


Course specification for EDX1280. (2016). Retrieved 17 August 2016, from


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