Lesson plan, Sick Kid, and Stop Right There.


Just as I think I am starting to get on top of everything one of the rug rats has been ill all week. It’s typical seen I had last weekend to catch up but now I have spent the last fours days  cleaning up vomit, making food he asks for than wont eat and watching Lego DVD,s. Anyways here I am looking at a few blogs. I really believe I learn more from reading them, then I do from reading the Moodle book. Maybe the blogs just reinforce what I have been moodling if there is such a word. I started to go onto week four but was instructed by the moodle book not to do so until I finished Assignment One, which I have an extension to the 15th due to my own health issues. After spending heaps of time looking for the right lesson plan and not getting emailed back with usage permission so not to infringe copyright I have eventually had to chose  one from the Australian Dairy website which was mention in our edc3100 Facebook group. Whoever mentioned that, thanks.


Teachers | Discover Dairy. (2016). Dairy.edu.au. Retrieved 11 August 2016, from http://dairy.edu.au/discoverdairy/teachers




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