Technology, Anti Social or Socially Acceptable

 have just completed the quiz, is technology is making us anti social. Well being a man who is in his early 50s of course I said they are. As Karey my children are also engrossed in their ipads and I spend most my time these days tying to get the tablets off them or trying to get a response from them. However when I saw the pic posted on the study desk of all us old timers reading newspapers I have reflected and thought well what’s the difference between having your head stuck in a newspapers or an ipad for instance. So my opinion now is somewhat the opposite as the quizzes correct NO answer suggested. However I still have the view that there’s a right time and place for everything, and everything has some value, whether this is simply playing a game for mental relaxation or stimulation. In regards to children’s tech free time usage it must give some educational benefits, whether this being simply knowing their way around a computer, but i believe the old motto still stand in my opinion, everything in moderation.








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