Copyright, Pictures and Lesson Plan Search

I have spend a lot of time this week getting my head around the copyright issue so I could choose the correct lesson plan for Assignment one. One things which has been very beneficial has been the EDC 3100 group on Facebook, I am a silent user but I would like to thanks the group for their input, it a great help, especially in regards to lesson plans and copyright issues. In regards to copyright and using pictures from the web I as many of my peers like Colin and Marie thought it was okay as long as they didn’t have the © symbol stated and that I referenced them. The facts being I can only use them if authorised to do so or they have creative common license. Now back to the lesson plan issue, I am in the same boat as Karey in wanting to choose the right lesson plan for little early year tackers but they are all about for example shapes and colours. So my search goes on. Time to log onto the study desk and read the advice David gave karey on the study desk.



When we share, everyone wins – Creative Commons. (2016). Creative Commons. Retrieved 4th August 2016, from


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