The Rat

Today I have been catching up on the learning path and reading others student blogs. I have been trying to get a greater understanding of what role the RAT framework model plays in pedegogy. Its funny how I can read something on the study desk and the penny doesn’t drop until I read information about it somewhere else, in this case other EDC3100 students blogs.  Sarahs explanation and other links of the model gave me greater insight of the model. The Rat model being Replacement, Amplification and Transformation, consideration what impact technology has on improving students learning, teacher instruction and the curriculum. (Hughes, 2006). A more detailed description of the model and how implemented can be found here.


Hughes, J. E. (2010/16). R.A.T. Model Replacement, Amplification, and Transformation: The R.A.T. Model. Retrieved July 28, 2016, from







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