Technology Integrated Planning Model-tip

I knew I forgot to write up a blog on how was I going to plan for my lesson objectives. So much for a relaxing Sunday night. The ICT lessons will be planned using one of the planning model, in this case the Technology Integrated Planning Model or tip for short.The link provided I believe gives a clear understanding of how the model is used with the step involved, which are listed below. The best way I can describe the TIP model is that it is a tool that enables teachers to plan for effective technology integration in lessons.

Phase 1: What is my technological pedagogical content knowledge?

Phase 2: Why should I use a technology-based method

Phase 3: How will I know students have learned?

Phase 4: What teaching strategies and activities will work best?

Phase 5: Are essential conditions in place to support technology integration?

Phase 6: What worked well? What could be improved?


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Starting Soon

Just a few more days until I start my placement. I am just hoping I get ample time to  access  the IWB before the lessons to check that its in working order. Time will tell.  I fear as Karey  has expressed that I wont have full success with my lesson plans as others seemed to have had due to centres limited resources and the lessons not being amplified and transformed enough. I find this the biggest struggle in having to plan lessons for young children inclusive of  ict as they have to be so basic.  By the way In the Norwegian system the learning plan guide kindergartens have to follow is called the Rammeplan for Barnehagens Innholder and Oppgaver

ICT Lesson Plans

Today I was having a quick look over few of my snapshots pics from the study desk for assignment 3. The snapshot below from the edc 3100 study desk was a good reminder to me of why we are using ICT in lesson plans, instead of just including ICT for the sake of it. Its so easy to just put ICT in lessons because it’s a requirement for ass 3, without remembering it is to serve a purpose, one of these being to transform students knowledge. I hope someone else finds its a helpful reminder also.


Usqstudydesk, Edc3100. Retrieved 12 October 2016, from

PE Next Week

Wow, how times flies. Ulike most people i will start my placement next week. Its been quite hard planning lessons for 4-5 yr olds with ICT that transform lesson plans. One hard part being finding appropriate age Apps with  instructions/voice over in Norwegian. Anyways Seen i will be mainly using a IWB i found Jays post on IWB usage a great reminder of how i can  take full advantage of the IWB in applying what i have found for my  lesson plans.

Teaching Now and IWB

I agree with what Emma has stated in her latest Blog about it being a great time to be a teacher with all these ICT resources at your finger tips. For me not being so tech savvy it also been about not being scared to use them and the benefits to students learnings if implemented correctly into lesson plans . interactive White Boards for one can be very beneficial. Speaking of which seen most of us ED3100 students are going to be mostly engaging with Interactive white boards on our I found this IWB website which has links to 20 other sites with a variety of IBW usages including some lesson plan, games and a variety of other learning resources. Hope someone finds it helpful.

Pro Exp

I dropped into the Kindergarten where I will being doing my Pro Exp and I found out the subject area the child will be investigating while I am there. The subject area will be on  water. Being the 150 anniversary of Norwegian poet Sigbjørn Obstfelder the classroom teacher has decided the introduction to the unit will have the students listening to Obstefelders poem Rain then expressing how they interpret the poem through a variety of forms such as music, dance etc. I am really pleased this is the unit the children will be doing as I have done a similar unit at the International School of Bergen on the Water Cycle and there’s an example of the Water Warrior on the study desk. It just makes it easier to have some focus. Arr but what to plan from here


Sigbjørn Obstfelder. (2016). Retrieved 30 September 2016, from

Ass 2 Marks Back and Ass 3

Well the marking for ass 2 came in on Monday and I am quite happy with my result. 28.5 out of 40. I thought that was pretty good as I knew I had some problems with lesson continuity as the marker noted, especially if another teacher was to come in and have to use my plan. However the marker obviously got the gist of what I was trying to achieve in relation to the subject criteria. At least I have learnt from this which will hold me in good sted for my pro exp and the 5  lesson plans I have to submit. Speaking of which as Jay reminds me of I need also to include a Plan B in my lesson plans if thing dont go as planned with using ICT in these lessons. I cant count how many times I have been in a meetings or similar and someone has tried  to play a video or power point presentation and it just hasn’t happened. You just lose the audience, well in this case the class. So Its a good thing to have a plan B as a back up with all lesson plans, which is imperative for ICT lessons.